City Hall Exterior Paint


The City Hall complex is in need of exterior painting to maintain the external protection from the environment. The City Hall building and surrounding outbuildings were last painted in late 2002 with a full body stain and the paint system has reached the end of its useful life. Damaged redwood surfaces, extensive failing, fading, and chipping stain/paint, along with water and mildew damage necessitates this painting project.

The City Hall Painting Project is identified in the approved Capital Improvement Plan FY 2016–2021 (CIP). The project provides for the repair and painting of all exterior surfaces of the City Hall complex, including: all fences; wooden enclosures; bus stops and bench shelters; the four trellises and the gazebo. Once all of the surfaces have been repaired and satisfactorily inspected, the contractor shall apply two final stain or paint finish coats. The project will also include power washing the City Hall roof.

The City hired a painting consultant, Applied Coatings Analysis, to inspect the current condition of the existing City Hall complex, provide a recommendation for needed repairs to exterior wood elements, identify the best paint system for City Hall, and provide technical specification for the work. Once the City Hall Painting Project is awarded, the City will enter into an agreement with Applied Coating Analysis for inspection services during the repairs and painting operation.

Environmental Review: The City Hall Painting Project was determined by the City Zoning Administrator as categorically exempt from environmental review per California Environmental Quality Act pursuant to California Code of Regulations Title 14, Chapter 3, Section 15302.

The Notice Inviting Bids was sent to the construction exchanges on June 3, 2016, and the project was advertised in the East Bay Times newspaper on June 8, 2016. Seven responsible, responsive bids, and one non-responsive bid were received and publicly read on July 7, 2016.

Per the City Hall Painting Project bid documents, the City will determine the project award on the lowest responsive, responsible total base bid. The following table summarizes the base bid amounts, and the bid amount for Alternate A, the power washing of the roof. The low bid is marked in bold.


Total Base Bid

Alternate A


Siotus Construction, Inc.




Horizon Brothers




Fresh Start Painting




Metro Structural Painting




TPA Construction




A Plus Painting




Euro Style Management




R. Brothers Painting and Waterproofing*



Bidding rules require that the City Council award the construction contract to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. The Engineer’s Estimate (EE) for the project construction is $237,000, and the lowest bidder’s (Siotus Construction Inc.) bid is $144,500 which is 39% lower than the EE. Overall, the bid prices are reasonable and acceptable per the Engineering Division analysis.

The City of Pleasant Hill City Council will review the bid results and may consider awarding a construction contract to paint the exterior of City Hall at a future CC meeting.