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City Adopts Ordinance Pertaining to Non-Commercial Temporary Signage (Political Signs)
The City recently adopted an ordinance amending sign provisions pertaining to non-commercial temporary signs. The ordinance amendment revised and updated provisions of the sign ordinance addressing temporary signs with non-commercial messages (i.e. temporary political signs, temporary signs for non-profit and charitable events and activities and other similar temporary signs). The ordinance amendment reformulated standards pertaining to such signs, with certain exceptions, in a content neutral manner to ensure compliance with applicable law. The amendment addressed temporary non-commercial sign standards including, but not limited to, placement, location, and duration.

The adopted ordinance will take effect on August 2, 2012.

City Adopts Ordinance pertaining to Group Residential Uses
The City recently adopted an ordinance amending Group Residential Uses. In part this ordinance was completed to address community concerns and to ensure that zoning ordinance regulations are in compliance with all applicable State and Federal Laws. The ordinance identifies new uses such as single room occupancy uses and provided detailed regulations and clarifications pertaining to group residential uses such as small and large care facilities (licensed and unlicensed), supportive and transitional housing.

City Adopts Ordinance Pertaining to Special Events, Live Entertainment & Temporary Uses
The City recently adopted ordinances related to Special Events (such as free speech events, parades, commercial filming, block parties, farmers market, events in the Downtown Area), Live Entertainment provisions, and related amendments to temporary uses. The purpose of both ordinances was to modify and amend provisions related to various special event permits within the City and related live entertainment and temporary use provisions. The intent was to streamline and consolidate special event procedures and processes in the City.